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Are you considering a new home driveway?

Instead of concrete driveways which contribute towards harmful atmospheric emissions, many homeowners are now turning to natural stone to produce stunning and long-lasting driveways.

So, what is all the fuss about? Why should you opt for block paving for your upcoming driveway renovation?

What is block paving?

Block paving is traditionally used as both a more environmentally friendly alternative to concrete driveways and a more decorative method of laying paved areas.

Incredibly hardwearing and visually appealing, block paving can be made from a range of stones, including granite, vitrified porcelain, and limestone, to give you the colour and textures you prefer.

This gives homeowners the chance to really personalise their outdoor space, laying intricate patterns by alternating stone colours, choosing patterned vitrified porcelain tiles, or installing trim in a contrasting stone, all of which can increase your kerb appeal further.

You could even carry through colour choices that are utilised in the back garden, to create a sense of cohesion across your home’s outdoor spaces.

Is block paving low maintenance?

Block paving in any stone is a very low-maintenance option for time-pressed homeowners, requiring only an infrequent wash with soap and water.

Block paving is laid with durable stones that can easily withstand the erratic British weather. Because of our cold winters, many stones from Stone and Porcelain already feature non-slip surfacing, so no matter the weather that day, you can safely park and walk across your driveway without the fear of slipping and falling.

A further benefit to block paving is its permeability. Unlike concrete driveways which require additional draining, the stone used on block paving can absorb and redistribute surface water from heavy rainfall, stopping the chance of unsightly pooling and puddling. This means that driveways under 5m2 do not need to fit driveway drainage systems.

Does block paving come in a range of colours?

Block paving comes in a range of colours, patterns, and stone choices.

From grey granite to silver Kandla grey sandstone, warm Italian Porfido porcelain to charcoal limestone, your possibilities are endless.

You can also choose from a range of block paving sizes, which give different effects when laid.

Smaller block paving is ideal for creating patterns with similarly shaped stones of contrasting colours.

Our Silver Granite measures 200 x 100 x 50mm and contrasts well with the Black Granite block paving which comes in 3 mixed size setts, perfect for creating herringbone or stretcher bond patterns.

I need access to utilities under my driveway, can I use block paving?

If you have utilities under your driveway, block paving is the ideal solution.

Block paving is preferred as, if necessary, a few blocks can be removed to access the area, and can then be replaced.

Similarly, this also means that any damaged or tarnished stones can be easily replaced, without affecting the entire driveway, which will be much cheaper, faster, and easier.

For utilities that require frequent access, manhole covers can be paved in the same stone to match your driveway, blending them in seamlessly while also allowing for easy, fast access.

Find block paving suppliers today

Block paving is an incredibly durable and hardwearing option that can last reliably for 20 years or more while retaining access to essential services.

For more information about our range of block paving, you can call us or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can order online for fast and free shipping.

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