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Shop Garden Coping

Used to finish walls and pillars, improve aesthetics and to protect your bricks from frost and water damage, coping stones are essential for all gardens.

Also known as capping stones, these stones sit on exposed exterior walls and prevent water ingress, which creates more durable structures.

Garden coping creates suitable seating

Installing coping stones on your garden walls can create relaxed new seating areas, making your garden perfect for socialising with friends and family.

Double bullnose coping is especially useful for creating seating, as the double curved edges make the edges of walls comfortable to lean on and stop edges from digging painfully into your skin.

Garden coping creates cohesion

Just as the impact of a freshly decorated room can be overshadowed by tired old furniture, crumbling, untopped garden walls can outshine newly refurbished garden spaces.

Adding garden coping ensures that every inch of your garden is finished to perfection and looks as good as possible.

Garden coping prevents weather damage

Garden walls are traditionally crafted from brick and are at risk of damage from the temperamental British weather.

Coping stones prevent the UK’s plentiful rainfall from penetrating the wall and channelling it away from the wall itself, giving it an exit ramp to natural or manmade drainage.

Without protection from the elements, walls made from stone and brick can:

Become discoloured Wear a path on the surface of the wall, like how a river carves a channel for itself. Reshape the wall Flake and later disintegrate Fall down

Is this what you want for your garden?

Find garden coping at Stone & Porcelain

To order garden coping from the experts in stone and paving, simply browse our website today and pop in straight into your online basket. Follow the checkout instructions and check your emails for delivery updates.

If you would like advice on choosing the right garden coping for your garden, contact our experts today on 01744 304 545 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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