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Shop Stone Wall Cladding

Got a tired garden wall that clashes with the rest of your garden space?

Stone wall cladding is the ideal way to cover structurally sound garden walls that just need a facelift! This includes perimeter garden walls, external structural walls, and beautiful backdrops for features including back garden bars and outdoor kitchens.

Do I need stone wall cladding or walling stone?

Stone wall cladding is sometimes confused with walling stone.

Cladding features thinner stones that are designed to cover existing, structurally sound walls or backdrops.

While it will help to protect the wall, it will not save a failing wall, so should only be applied to walls that will continue to stand the test of time.

Walling stone however is thicker and is used to construct the walls themselves.

They come in a range of colours and materials, including Raj Green and Fossil Mint sandstones and are designed to be decorative in their own right.

Of course, you could choose to cover walling stones if you prefer, although this is not the most cost-effective way to renovate your walls.

Why choose stone wall cladding?

Stone wall cladding has become an increasingly popular and easy way to create beautiful backdrops for seating or dining areas. Similarly, with the increase in people building their own domestic outdoor bars during lockdowns, stone wall cladding can add a stunning finish to your new party area.

As well as being visually appealing, stone wall cladding is incredibly durable and resists breaking and chipping. This means that once installed, it will add a layer of protection to your garden wall, helping it to last much longer than if left unclad.

Moreover, it requires very little maintenance and improves in appearance as it ages, meaning that your outdoor space is only likely to improve as time goes on.

Is stone wall cladding available in a variety of stones?

Available in a large selection of stone types, from oyster quartz to darker rustic slate, we have the ideal cladding that will perfectly match or create an exciting contrast in your garden.

If you have a contemporary outdoor space, dark stone with high-shine finishes, such as the blue-black slate cladding, will coordinate well with other white, grey, and black tones.

For a more traditional style, multi-colour slate cladding with its yellows, pinks, and greys can add a timeless feel to well-established gardens. The warm tones of this slate will harmonize well with other classic paving stones, such as limestone and sandstone, so they’re perfect for use in many gardens.

Find stone wall cladding for your secret garden escape today

Being easy to install and long-lasting, the popularity of stone wall cladding looks set to continue.

Perhaps you want to create an aesthetic space worthy of sharing on social media? Or maybe your unattractive brick wall clashes with your current colour scheme?

Either way, stone wall cladding gives you the freedom and choice of stones needed to reinvent your garden space, without spending a fortune, making sure you are photo ready in a flash.

For more information about stone wall cladding, contact the experts at Stone and Porcelain today on  01744 304 545, or order online for fast and free shipping straight to your door.

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