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Shop Linear Paving

Sometimes referred to as plank paving, linear paving combines the durability and strength of traditional square paving stones with a modern, fresh appearance.

Manufactured or cut into a long, thin rectangular shape, linear paving can mimic wooden decking, with the luxurious finish of stone.

Suitable for areas, like patios, creating dramatic pathways, or even edging existing garden features in contrasting or complimentary shades, linear paving is a very versatile product.

Elevate your garden with linear paving

Laying linear paving in various orientations can dramatically change the appearance and feel of your outdoor space and garden features, including patios and pathways.


Linear paving laid vertically can add length, drawing the eye down your garden, and making the space feel longer.

Long thin gardens can benefit from thinner paving laid vertically, maximising the space you have. Laid horizontally, it could make your garden feel thinner and shorter, focussing attention on the space immediately before you rather than drawing it forwards.

Wider gardens can benefit from horizontal linear paving, maximising horizontal space and helping your garden feel more expansive.

For a more dramatic look, you could combine linear paving with mixed-size, square paving. This crazy paving style is popular with traditional gardens and creates a sense of timelessness.


If you want to increase a sense of length in your wide garden, you can try laying paths of linear paving in horizontal blocks, creating wide paths that draw the eye down into your garden.


Whether vertical or horizontal, linear paving can be used to create contrasting trims around existing garden features, such as driveways, patios, and pathways.

From a contrasting black slate to a more complimentary warm sandstone, no matter the stone colour or type you use, an eye-catching effect can be created.

Choose your linear paving today

Linear paving can be both modern and traditional depending on the colour and position it is laid in.

Warm buff or golden-toned stones, such as the sawn buff sandstone or the sawn raj green sandstone gives a sense of agelessness as if they were always there.

These stones, therefore, are perfect for established gardens or cottage-style homes.

Modern or contemporary homes often utilise more white, black, and grey tones, such as those found in black limestone, speckled silver granite, or white sawn mint sandstone.

These high-contrast tones feel fresh and new, enhancing the sense of the modern.

Contact the linear paving experts

For any further questions or for advice on choosing the perfect linear paving type for your home, contact our experts on 01744 304 545 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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