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Shop Sandstone Paving

Sandstone has long been used for natural paving thanks to its warm, more neutral colour palette.

With naturally occurring differences in profile and veining, sandstone gives a more relaxed, countryside feel to gardens which coordinates well with complimentary colours or contrasting edging.

Available in a selection of tonal colours, from warm greys and beiges to light browns, sandstone has been utilised in stunning contemporary gardens as well as more traditional spaces by featuring sandstone cobbles. These create stone features in your garden, be it with cobbled areas or with large sandstone circles, perfect for setting around fountains and firepits or for zoning off a dining area.

Sandstone paving has the added design feature of hand cut and tumbled edges. This gives it a softened rustic look that can be less severe than the effect of machine cutting. It pairs well with decorative grouting in a selection of colours that go on to emphasise the effect.

Sandstone can be particularly effective when opting for non-standard, custom, or ‘crazy’ layouts. Popular arrangements tend to be in the stretcher or stack style, both of which include laying paving in straight lines. However, impact can be made from laying paving in random or even herringbone designs, which add character and can echo décor found inside the house.

Similarly, ‘crazy’ paving can be a fun way to add an antiquated feel that also does good for the planet! By utilising broken stone that might otherwise be left on the shelf, you can add a range of colours and shapes to your patio, knowing that you are helping to stop waste!

For advice on which sandstone would be perfect for your garden, contact our garden experts on 01744 304 545 or leave us a message on our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.


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