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Shop Smooth Finish Paving

Do you prefer the premium appeal of smooth finish paving?

Does a sleek and modern finish make your heart sing?

Would you like a wide selection of colour and tone choices?

Consider smooth finish paving for your outdoor space.

Is smooth finish paving safe?

Although featuring a smooth finish on the face of the stone, smooth finish paving is still slip-resistant so will not increase the risk of slips in your garden.

Specifically suited to the British climate, as long as smooth finish paving is well maintained, smooth natural stone paving will retain its grip.

Style and substance in smooth finish paving

Clean, modern lines are a key feature of smooth-finish paving.

Created during processing, smooth, straight edges give a higher quality, more consistent finish that is stylish and visually satisfying.

This, coupled with the very large variety of colours and styles allows homeowners to have lots of choices.

They can match tones that already exist in the outdoor space or the siding of the house, or contrast to create a dramatic space that draws attention.

Smooth finish paving also features a range of naturally occurring multi-tonal colours that vein through the stone. This mix of colours makes every stone unique and can allow for increased personalisation options.

To order smooth finish paving from the stone and paving experts, simply browse our range today.

You can enjoy free store pick up or free delivery with orders over £45 if you order online.

If you would like advice on choosing the right smooth finish paving for your garden, contact our experts on 01744 304 545 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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