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Shop Bullnose Steps

Searching for a way to improve the look and functionality of your garden? Stone and Porcelain have the solution.

Our range of bullnose steps are guaranteed to transform each worn-out step into a usable and attractive one.

What are bullnose steps?

Most steps feature an overhanging section, which is commonly referred to as a nose. If this nose is rounded rather than flat, it is called a bullnose, as the rounded vertical edge is reminiscent of the shape of a bull’s nose.

Sometimes, bullnose steps can also curve around to the left and right sides, creating a stone step that is much more decorative and looks very different to standard garden steps.

Are bullnose steps better than traditional garden steps?

While deciding which is better is a personal choice, here at Stone & Porcelain we prefer a bullnose step. This is because we believe bullnose steps feature twofold benefits that traditional steps do not have.

These benefits can be grouped by increases in both safety and aesthetics.

Firstly, the rounded edge can facilitate easier climbing, especially if steps are particularly steep or the sizes differ and so users are less likely to trip. This may be of special importance when you consider the sturdiness of traditional outdoor steps and the worsened injuries that may occur from tripping on them.

Moreover, due to the curve of the nose, bullnose steps tend to be wider, which makes them easier to navigate and see, especially in poor weather conditions.

Secondly, bullnose steps are widely considered the more aesthetic option for design-conscious homeowners.

The curved nose of the step adds depth and volume and makes a feature of your existing garden steps, elevating them from merely practical to both practical and elegant.

Similarly, as the bullnosed edge creates a shadow on the riser beneath, homeowners can see more of a range of colours in their chosen stone, enjoying the sense of luxury generated by the contrasting light and shadow.

Are bullnose steps available in a range of stones?

At Stone and Porcelain, our bullnose steps come in a variety of colour and stone choices, providing you with many options to improve your garden space.

From dramatic black limestone to sawn buff sandstone with warm golden veining, and every colour in between, we have a style to suit every décor preference.

Alternative uses for double bullnose stone tiles include topping garden walls and converting them into potential seating areas that are much more comfortable to sit on. If intending to use bullnose stone tiles for this purpose, see our range of double bullnose steps, including the contemporary sawn grey sandstone for a modern take on a classic style.

Find bullnose steps for your garden today

Suitable for both contemporary and traditional homes, bullnose steps enhance the sense of glamour and bestow your garden with a high-end finish, for a comparatively low cost.

Not only are bullnose steps infinitely more affordable than larger refurbishment projects, such as repaving seating areas or garden paths, but bullnose steps can also pull together a variety of garden design choices. By using complimentary colours, you can create a sense of cohesion between the various areas of your garden, making a method out of the current madness.

For help with choosing your bullnose steps,  or to ask any lingering questions, you can call us here at Stone and Porcelain on 01744 304 545, or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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