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Shop Circles & Walling

Circular features are commonly used in gardens to create focal points within wider paved or grassed areas.

They frequently section off seating or dining areas and are increasingly popular with families that are keen to use all of their available garden space.

They can be ordered in a range of colours and styles, to coordinate or contrast with existing patios and general garden décor. From Indian York porcelain with warm cream and brown tones to eye-catching black limestone, there is a selection of colours for every home.

Stone and Porcelain are also proud to present a choice of sizes, either 2.4m or 3m circles. 2.4m circles are best utilised in smaller gardens that wish to use zoning to plan their usable space, while 3m stone circles are the perfect size for larger garden spaces.

While generally used to section off seating or dining areas, circular features are only limited by the homeowners’ imagination. They can also be used for:

Patios Hot tubs Free-standing pools Cooking areas, including barbecues and bread or pizza ovens Firepits To cover decking Fountains and other water features Driveways Pathways Front gardens Memorial areas

Feature circles are also very effective if interspersed with other materials, such as grass, sand, or gravel. If, for example, smaller circles are scattered along gravel pathways in coordinating colours, the effect can be visually impressive.

To make the process easier, we have pre-cut each stone section to create the circular effect, saving you many hours of planning and cutting. Once purchased, feature circles are just as easy to lay as standard rectangular or square paving and have much more impact.

For more information, contact our experts today on 01744 304 545 or order online to enjoy fast and free nationwide delivery.

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