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Natural diamonds are admired for the four Cs- their cut, clarity, colour, and carat.

Synthetic diamonds used on cutting blades, however, are not famed for their beauty. Instead, they are acclaimed for their hardness, durability, and high melting point.

So why should we all be investing in diamond-cutting blades?

The benefits of diamond-cutting blades

According to the Mohs scale, which measures hardness, diamond scores 10/ 10, making it ideal for cutting very strong materials including metal, stone, and rock.

Synthetic diamonds are incredibly useful in industrial cutting tools due to their high melting points. This means they can resist high levels of heat and pressure. With a melting point of around 2,700°C and a burning point of around 850°C, diamonds diffuse and resist the heat of cutting and will not melt.

Their extreme hardness and high melting point also ensure synthetic diamond cutting blades are extremely durable. As such, blades and machines that utilise diamond-cutting blades far outlast diamond-free alternatives, making them an excellent value investment.

Diamond-cutting blades from Stone & Porcelain

For those needing to cut porcelain paving to size, try the Stihl 300mm porcelain blade saw. Lined with synthetic diamonds, this porcelain blade can efficiently and safely trim porcelain paving, perfect for filling in awkwardly shaped sections.

To order cutting blades from the experts in stone and paving, browse our website today and enjoy fast and free shipping on all products.

For more advice, or to ask technical questions, contact our experts today on 01744 304 545 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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