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Shop Limestone Paving

Limestone has long been a popular choice for paving both gardens and driveways. It is generally flat and has an even, orange-peel texture which makes it less slippery when wet. This is good for areas that receive a lot of rainfall, because unlike marbles or granites, it is already textured and therefore slip-proof.

Limestone paving is also non-porous, which means it absorbs very little water when wet and will dry more quickly after rainfall. It is also a very dense rock, meaning that it is unlikely to become too hot in summer or too cold in winter, and is not known to gather sheets of ice in freezing conditions.

Limestone paving comes in a range of colours from warm beiges, to soft greys and blacks, due to the naturally occurring minerals in the rock. This means that you have a large variety of colours and shades to choose from. You could opt for complimentary colours to suit existing stonework or inject a pop of colour with a contrasting patio and trim.

If you like the linear appearance of wooden decking but would prefer to use stone, you could consider the use of linear paving, which features sawn straight edges in a rectangular layout. This can be laid lengthways to give the appearance of a larger garden or be used as a trim to create contrast. For the more traditional, you could utilise limestone cobbles or semi-honed and tumbled vintage limestone paving, which add a sense of history to your outdoor space, perfect for older properties.


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