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Shop Artificial Grass

Sick of mowing the lawn?

Fed up with the endless upkeep?

Want a lawn that looks picture-perfect no matter the season?

Switch to artificial grass today and shop our range below.

Artificial grass for the whole family

Perfect for pets and children alike, the supersoft artificial grass range from Stone & Porcelain is a joy to sit or play on, with an open texture and multi-tonal piles that help give the effect of real turf.

A game changer for those with grass pollen allergies, artificial grass can mean that those with allergies can get back outdoors and enjoy nature without a runny nose and itchy eyes.

The lack of mud and robust design means that artificial grass is ideal for those with limited mobility, prams, and for wheeled toys.  Babies can be wheeled out in their prams and buggies, while children can cycle and scoot freely, and those needing wheelchairs or walking frames can easily traverse the lawn, making a fully accessible space for all.

Artificial grass: the low-maintenance option

With grass heights from 30-40mm, choose a lush, vibrant green lawn that needs minimal maintenance.

The range of grass types available means you can choose the pile height, style, and colour you prefer, be it fresh cut or long and wispy, vivid or lighter greens.

The easy-to-lay rolls of either 2 or 4-meter widths are perfect for covering large spaces easily and can completely change the appearance of your garden in just a few hours.

Spend your sunny Saturdays enjoying your garden rather than working on it.  Replace real turf with artificial grass and reclaim your summer, with prices ranging from as low as £16- £22 per square meter.

To answer any questions or for advice on choosing a variety of artificial grass, contact our experts on 01744 304 545 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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