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Shop Granite Paving

With a name that suggests durability and long-lasting strength, many families are turning to granite paving for their outdoor spaces.

Bringing beauty and class to any space, granite is perfect for paths, patios, dining areas, and cooking spaces.

Granite paving for long-lasting strength

Granite paving is an example of a natural stone, that has been found and used for thousands of years.

Classified as an igneous rock, granite is formed by magma that has cooled below the Earth’s surface, resulting in a composition that is scattered with large crystals. These large crystals, commonly quartz and feldspar, help give the stone its extraordinary strength.

Granite paving is also resistant to heat, water, slips, and scratches, making it perfect for busy family homes.

Granite paving: strong with endless design options

As well as being incredibly tough, granite paving has a unique speckled appearance that is favoured by many.

Granite is a granular and crystalline rock, that gives a mix of colours and tones throughout. This natural difference means that granite is perfect for matching up to pre-existing colours and tones in your garden and adds a charming sense of character.

Common colour tones for granite include a mix of:

Greys Whites Blacks Browns Pinks Oranges Yellows

This allows homeowners to choose which colour tones they prefer and ensures that their new granite paving works with anything already established.

Stone & Porcelain stocks a wide range of granite paving, alongside a selection of granite cobbles and tumbled setts, which can be used to add edging detail, or cover whole paved spaces.

Similarly, there is a choice of granite linear paving, to give homeowners that love a more modern feel a contemporary choice.

Find granite paving at Stone & Porcelain

To order granite paving from the experts in stone and paving, simply browse our website today and add your selection straight into your online basket. We accept all major payment providers and offer fast and free shipping on all orders.

If you would like advice on choosing the best granite paving for your garden, chat with our experts today on 01744 304 545 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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