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Shop Paving Grout

Grouting is applied after you have prepared and laid your stone paving.

For those who are unfamiliar, is used to fill in the lines or joints that occur between tiles or slabs.

Who uses grouting and why is it important?

When used inside the home, grout has many domestic purposes, including:

Flooring tiles Bathroom wall tiles to waterproof Kitchen areas including hob splashbacks and around sinks.

When used outdoors, paving grouting is essential for increasing the lifespan of your paved area.

Paving grout improves the waterproofing of your patio, preventing damage from rain and harsh weather such as snow and frost, which then expands the lifespan of your paving.

More recently, there has been a rise in the number of grout colours available. This allows homeowners to choose from a complimentary or contrasting grout, which really makes a feature of their patios, driveways, and paths.

Rompox Easy jointing compound, for example, comes in a choice of three colours- neutral buff, grey, and basalt black- providing plenty of options.

What size joints do I need for stone paving?

Joints are the lines that occur between tiles that are created when laying paving stones or slabs.

These areas must be filled with grouting to protect the patio and extend its lifetime. They can be filled with complimentary or contrasting grouts.

As long as you apply a minimum of 3mm for joints between porcelain pavers, the exact measurement is up to you, giving users increased options for styling and customisation.

Leaving 3mm is essential, as it gives enough room for thermal expansion in the hotter months and prevents contact pressure between slabs, which can otherwise result in issues such as:

Spalling Shaling Chipping Do I need wet or dry grout?

Wet grouts come in tubs and are ready to use after a quick stir.

Dry grout on the other hand, comes in powder form and requires users to mix it themselves. The instructions for mixing are typically on the back of the packet.

Some customers value their time and prefer to use ready-mixed grouts, while others prefer dry grout due to its long shelf-life and the ability to mix the exact amount they need, saving the rest for another project.

Find paving grout for any project with Stone & Porcelain

Here at Stone & Porcelain, we have a range of grouts for laying outdoor stone paving. From ready-to-use to dry grout mix, and grouts in a range of colours.

Simply browse our paving grout range today and pop your order into your online basket. You can enjoy fast and free shipping on all products, allowing you to get your paving project off the ground ASAP!

If you need more advice on which paving grout is best for you, give our friendly local experts a call on 01744 304 545, or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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