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Although more traditionally associated with the antique days of old, cobbles have had a resurgence in more recent times and now create an impactful, modern finish for driveways, garden patios, and pathways.

Tumbled edges, such as the mint fossil sandstone cobbles give a more classic, timeless feel and work best in well-established gardens. With a natural, hand-split edge, these setts give the sense that they have always been there.

For a more contemporary feel, sawn edges are the way to go. By sawing them, manufacturers ensure they have perfectly flat, level edges and as with the sawn black granite setts, this gives a more modern impression.

Cobble sets also come in a variety of colours and tones, from warm ivory beige porcelain cobbles to deep black limestone cobbles, so no matter your taste and style, there is a cobble for you.

Mixing stone varieties can be a simple way to add emphasis and extra detail to your driveway or patio.  By matching tones rather than colours, an understated elegance can be created for your space.

You can do this in your own home by choosing stones that have brown or honey tones that run throughout, for example, with the sawn buff sandstone cobbles and the sawn raj green cobbles. The stones are different sizes and slightly different in the overall colour palette but have enough similarity in the golden, light-brown tones that they would complement each other well.

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