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Paving primer is applied to the underside of stone pavers before they are initially laid.

Widely utilised by professionals, paving primer is considered essential for extending the life of your patio and keeping it looking its best.

Who uses paving primer and why is it important?

Primer is imperative for those who want to extend the life of their grouting, which in turn extends the life of their patio.

In some cases, grout can crack and break away from the paving mortar, which is applied in the earlier stages of laying a paved area.

Paving primer works in two main ways to extend the life of your paved area.

Preventing the paving grout from cracking Inhibiting paving from debonding from bedding mortar

Both of these go on to extend the life of your new paved area.

Paving primer keeps your patio looking its best

Paving primer also helps to improve your patio’s aesthetics by reducing the risk of efflorescence stains.

Efflorescence is a white powdery substance that occurs on the surfaces of stone and concrete pavers, which can ruin the appearance of your new patio.

These white patches appear along stones and pavers, usually along the edge where the stone meets the paving grout and occurs when water soaks underneath the slabs. This causes minerals in the stone to flood the surface, creating white staining.

While generally removable with extra cleaning and maintenance, efflorescence marks are a signpost to moisture problems that can cause structural damage further down the line- which could drastically reduce the life of your paved area.

Luckily, using a paving primer reduces the likelihood of water soaking under your patio, keeping it structurally sound and looking great.

Do I need slurry or liquid paving primer?

As with wet or dry grouts, when choosing between paving primers, you are predominantly choosing how much preparation work you want to commit to.

Ready-to-use slurry paving primers are ready to apply to the backs of stones after a quick mix, saving users more time.

However, paving primer mixes generally come in a liquid form and require users to add cement to create the mix itself. The instructions for paving primer components and mixing are given on the packet and should be followed closely to ensure the correct strength and consistency are achieved before customers can use the product effectively.

Find paving primer for any project with Stone & Porcelain

At Stone & Porcelain, we are proud to offer a range of paving primers, perfect for patios of all kinds.

Browse our paving primer range today and shop online with us to enjoy fast and free shipping and secure online payment, saving you precious money and time, and reducing worry about your garden improvement project.

For more advice on which paving primer is best for you, give our friendly experts a call on 01744 304 545, or fill in our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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