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Shop Cobbled Driveways

Cobbles are a timeless option for safe and stylish driveways.

Cobbled driveways are the ideal choice for those who want a durable, long-lasting solution for specialist surfaces.

Why choose a cobbled driveway?

Used throughout England and Europe since the 1400s, cobblestone pavers are famous for providing an economical, hardwearing solution for road and driveway surfaces.

Used on main roads and driveways alike, cobblestones are the ideal stone type for high-traffic areas, as they are slip-resistant and can bear a lot of weight.

Providing solutions for difficult installation locations

Cobblestones are also perfect for paving difficult installation locations, for example, curved or gradient driveways.

As the stones are smaller, you are less likely to need to cut stones down to size to fit them into awkward spaces. Instead, you are able to fit multiple smaller stones, following potential curves and turns, making installation simpler and easier.

They are also incredibly low maintenance.

Cobbled driveways hold up well in most climates and can last up to 100 years, with the base materials giving out sooner than the stones themselves in most cases.

Cobbled driveways: the stylish solution

Cobbled driveways are available in a huge range of design choices and colours, making cobblestone driveways a completely bespoke solution.

Endless colour choices

When designing your cobbled driveway, you can choose between contrasting or complementary colours that work well with your home.

Available in golden neutral tones, from sawn buff cobbles to sawn mint cobbles, these stones add warmth and create a traditional aesthetic.

They’re also available in modern monochromatic greys and blacks, such as black limestone cobbles, speckled mid-grey granite cobbles, or black basalt cobbles.

Specialist paver patterns

You could also arrange your new driveway using a specialist paver design.

Common patterns include but are not limited to, the following designs:

Herringbone Filetti Stretcher bond Apple- piece Basketweave European fan Parquet Circular Fancy paving

The countless options for colour and layout allow you to add extra detail to your cobbled driveway and create a completely bespoke look.

Contact the cobbled driveway experts today

For help choosing your driveway cobblestones, or to answer any other questions, contact our experts on 01744 304 545 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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