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Our Grass Joining / Seaming Tape is a specially constructed tape for use with the recommended Envirostik adhesive in forming strong bonds when seam jointing artificial grass carpets used in the landscaping of busy leisure areas. The tape consists of a strong geo textile white fabric on one side and this is laminated to a polyolefinic film to prevent the penetration of adhesive through to the under surface.

FEATURES • Used for the current wide range of artificial grass carpets seam joints. • Impervious to moisture ingress from the base. • Strong rot proof geo-textile bonding medium. • Lays flat to substrate when rolled out. • Sealed back to prevent adhesive penetrating to base.

Tape can be cut to requirement on request over the phone.

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Detailed Description

Thickness 0.65 to 0.68mm
Coverage Each full roll provides 100lm, each tube of Aqua Bond requires 3 linear meters
Applications Temperature Stability -25ºC to +70ºC
Storage/Shelf Life Store in areas 0ºC to +30ºC


Seaming Tape LMP Super is designed for use with the range of Envirostik adhesives specially made for use on artificial grass installations. It is constructed to form strong bonds to the back of the current wide range of artificial grass carpets when used with these adhesives. The correct amount of Envirostik adhesive is applied by notched applicator to the white fabric side of the tape and the edges of the carpet are pressed into the wet adhesive. For more detailed instructions on the use of this product see the Data Sheet for Multi Purpose Adhesive.

Product Specification

Roll Size Options

10 Linear Meter, 20 Linear meter, 50 Linear meter, 80 Linear meter, 100 Linear meter


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