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Our Porcelain is high quality for your Patios, Garden Paving, and Landscaping Projects from Direct Importers.

The largest pack comes in 19.44m2 coverage of single-size slabs. It is Rectified with a standard thickness of 20mm and is rated R11 matt anti-slip.

All our products are suitable for British weather conditions, and they are frost resistant.

19.44m2 pack contains 36 slabs; 15m2 pack contains 28 slabs; 12m2 pack contains 22 slabs; 10m2 pack contains 18 slabs; 8m2 pack contains 14 slabs; 5m2 pack contains 9 slab. The quantity will vary depending on pack size.

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Detailed Description

Marmo Grey is a wonderful choice of porcelain paving, easily distinguished by the beautiful light marbling that runs throughout the slab to give some contrast to its near-black colouration. The large profile of these 600 x 900 slabs will leave an impression, making your garden feel more open and spacious. Tried and true as one of our oldest and most popular porcelains, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Product Specification

Pack Size Options

100×100 Sample, 5 m2, 8 m2, 10 m2, 12 m2, 15 m2, 19.44 m2


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£5.99£765.00 inc VAT