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The base price is for the following: 1 x fencing set, 1x end post set

By choosing our Anthracite Composite Fencing solution, you’re not only investing in the security and beauty of your property but also making an eco-conscious choice by opting for a sustainable fencing option. Experience the perfect blend of style, durability, and ease of installation with our Composite Fencing.

Comprehensive Kit 6ft x 6ft: Our kit includes everything you need to get started:

9 x 1.8m boards. 1 x Post (2400 x 68 x 68mm) 2 x Rails (1770 x 35 x 25mm) 1 x Post Trims (2400mm) 2 x Post Trims (50mm) Plastic top cap. Bag of accessories (including L brackets and screws).


End Post Kit: Our kit includes the following:

1 x Post (2400 x 68 x 68mm) 3 x Post Trims (2400mm) 1 x Post Cap


Delivery Notice: A standard delivery fee of £130 is applied once product(s) are added to the basket. Postcode premiums apply.


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: When selecting quantity, DO NOT USE the standard quantity selector, only the Fencing Set Quantity selector.

Detailed Description

Durability: Traditional timber fencing is prone to cracking, splitting, and warping over time due to exposure to the elements. Our eco-friendly fence panels, however, are crafted from durable recycled timber and plastic composite material. This means your fence will maintain its integrity and appearance for years to come, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.


Easy Installation: The fence panels feature a tongue and groove profile, making them quick and easy to install. This not only saves you time but also ensures a hassle-free installation process.


Dual-Faced Design: Our slimline panels are dual-faced, meaning your finished fence will look equally impressive from both sides. This enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space and ensures a cohesive look from every angle.


Colour Options: Choose from a range of four classic colours (Anthracite, Platinum, Chestnut, and Walnut) to complement your outdoor aesthetic. These colours are carefully selected to match our Standard and Solid Composite Decking Boards, allowing for seamless integration into your existing landscape design.


Aluminium Posts: Our multi-use aluminium posts are designed for versatility, allowing for fencing to be fitted in any direction, be it straight lengths or around corners. Each post comes with 3 gaps with groove covers for unused sides, ensuring a polished finish. Additionally, the posts include a plastic top cap for added aesthetics.

Product Specification

Fencing Sets

Fencing Set x1 (£216) +£130 Delivery, Fencing Set x2 (£432) + £130 Delivery, Fencing Set x3 (£648) + £130 Delivery, Fencing Set x4 (£864) + £130 Delivery, Fencing Set x5 (£1080) + £130 Delivery, Fencing Set x6 (£1296) + £130 Delivery, Fencing Set x7 (£1512) + £130 Delivery, Fencing Set x8 (£1728) + £130 Delivery, Fencing Set x9 (£1944) + £130 Delivery, Fencing Set x10 (£2160) + £130 Delivery

End Post Sets

End Post x1 (Required) + £50, End Post x2 + £100, End Post x3 + £150, End Post x4 + £200, End Post x5 + £250, End Post x6 + £300, End Post x7 + £350, End Post x8 + £400, End Post x9 + £450, End Post x10 + £500


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