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Our recessed Manhole Covers enable you to seamlessly fit in a manhole cover into your patio, with the design allowing you to install your slabs within the cover with two easy access handles giving you access to your drainage system whilst remaining hidden within your patio. The Steel has been galvanized to give endurance and with its neoprene sealing gasket preventing any unwanted odour escaping making this perfect for your future patio.

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Detailed Description

Our manhole covers trays are made from fully galvanized steel which is secured with 4 locking screws located under the lifting key caps. It’s polypropylene grade AP9 frame is durable and will stand the test of time. The design of this manhole cover is square on the surface to a round underside making it perfect for most drains and it’s ease of access makes it very user friendly once installed and fits back seamlessly into your patio.

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