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Single part polyurethane adhesive for synthetic grass surfaces.

Used to seam joints on artificial lawns Simple application Each tube covers up to three linear meters of grass tape with a high bond strength
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Detailed Description

Coverage 500 – 1500 g/m2 depending on substrates and type of grass. On a typical seam, one catridge will bond approximetley 2-3 Linear meters of joint.
Size 310ml
Applications Temperature 5- 25ºC.
Open/Cure Time Ambient Temperature ºC / Open Time Cure Time 5 1 hour 4 – 8 hours 10 30 minutes 2 – 4 hours 20 15 minutes 1 – 2 hours The above figures are a guideline for work in average humidity. Conditions of higher humidity can lessen these time
Storage/Shelf Life 6 months in unopened containers.
Health & Safety Before embarking on any work ensure you are supplied with the relevant Safety Data Sheet and have read carefully the following information. 1) The hazard label on the container (complying with Chip 3 Regs 2002 & CDG/CPL Regs)

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