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Shop Tumbled Setts

Want to add character and a sense of timelessness to your garden?

Got a driveway that feels dull and lifeless?

Try tumbled setts to give your outdoor space bags of personality.

What is a sett?

Commonly confused with a cobble, a sett is a square or rectangular quarried stone. Cobbles are more traditionally rounded or roughly spherical.

Setts can come in a range of sizes, in both depth and width, from the small, used for lining paths, or the larger stones, used as main paving stones.

Available in a range of colours, from warm yellow granite tumbled setts to modern Brazilian black slate setts and speckled mid grey granite tumbled setts

What is a tumbled edge?

When rocks are cut, the edges of the stone can be left as they are, or they can be processed further to alter their appearance.

Tumbled edges are a natural, hand-split edge that gives a worn appearance, suggesting that they have been there for many years and worn away naturally.

Tumbled stones have muted colours and are often left unpolished, so do not have a shiny appearance.

How would tumbled setts improve my garden?

Tumbled setts can be used in a wide variety of ways to add impact and add personality to your home.


Setts, especially in contrasting colours and textures, work very well to add detail to the edge of garden features including paths, lawns, water features, or driveways.

Your options are practically limitless.


The rough texture of the surface of setts makes them ideal for driveways and when laid with contrasting grout can create a real feature.

Naturally slip-resistant, driveways will also be safe no matter the weather, perfect for running children and pets, or when moving heavy loads to and from the house.


Pathways can likewise become a real feature of your garden if using tumbled setts.

Giving traditional vibes, sett pathways create a timeless effect and conjure a real countryside feel in your outdoor space.

Contact the experts in setts and cobbles

For advice on which tumbled sett is perfect for you, contact our experts on 01744 304 545 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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