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While the name is reminiscent of delicate teapots and small, breakable cups, porcelain paving is very different.

Thanks to the vitrification process, porcelain is strong, hard-wearing, and water-resistant- perfect for paving.

There are many other benefits to porcelain paving that are explored in more depth below.

Porcelain paving is easy to lay

Porcelain paving is incredibly easy to work with, making laying your new patio, path, or driveway a simple and easy task.

All paving stones are rectified to give clean, crisp edges on tiles that are uniform in both size and thickness. This makes calculations on paving requirements very simple, giving a consistent, modern finish.

If you prefer to use slim joints of around 3-5mm which is popular with many contemporary finishes porcelain paving is perfect for you, as the identical tiles can be particularly effective when positioned very close together.

Porcelain paving also features a built-in stain and mildew resistance means that sealant is not needed after installation, removing a step in the construction process.

Need a low maintenance option? Opt for porcelain paving

Due to the high heat firing during vitrification, porcelain paving has a low water absorption rate 6 times less than other popular paving stones such as limestone or sandstone. This low porosity makes porcelain paving a naturally low maintenance option.

During use, common garden spillages, including ice cream and BBQ grease, are easy to wipe away and do not soak into the pavers due to being impermeable.

Deep cleaning is also much simpler, as porcelain paving doesn’t absorb water or products as you clean them. This means all you need is a sponge and some warm soapy water 2-3 times a year, so you will have more free time in which to enjoy your garden, and less time cleaning it!

There are endless design options

Vitrified porcelain tiles can come in a variety of colours and designs, to mimic any natural stone or even wood.

This means that if you are dreaming of white marble, but it’s a bit outside your budget, you could install a marble effect porcelain stone, complete with delicate black veining.

Similarly, if you had existing paving that you wanted to coordinate with, you could choose from a wide selection of colours that will work well with it, including warm creams, veined light greys, deep blacks, and biscuit browns.

Porcelain paving is long-lasting option

Want your chosen colour to last for years? Porcelain paving is resistant to solar fading, so unlike concrete, whatever colour you choose will remain as fresh as the day you install it.  

All Stone and Porcelain, porcelain paving features an anti-slip and a scratch-resistant finishing, so no matter the style or colour you choose, your garden will be safe for everyone to use, as well as staying protected.  

Get porcelain paving today from Stone and Porcelain

If you’re on the hunt for high quality porcelain paving that lasts, Stone and Porcelain are here to help.

For expert advice on which porcelain paving is best for your project, contact our experts now on 01744 304 545 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You could also order online for fast and free shipping on all Stone and Porcelain products.


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